Help for Seniors - Assisted living Modesto - Housing Solution Center - My Angel Homes.

We help seniors with housing, we have nice homes, nice locations in Modesto serving many people. We provide full service for the price of $550 per person, this includes food, bills, laundry, cable, phone and more... We are independent living services.. WE ARE NOT BOARD AND CARE.. WE ARE INDEPENT LIVING, clients must be able to take care of them self.. take their own medications. All our location are very close to the buss stops.

Are you looking for Housing or need help with Housing and have no money now? Are you looking for help? Are you hungry and have no money? Are you alone and no body wants to help? Are you homeless now? Do you need a good friend? Do you need a helping hand to have basic needs?

Help for Seniors - Housing for senior men or Housing for senior women - Modesto California - Room and Board in Modesto Ca.

Senior Assisted living modesto Room and Board in Modesto Ca.

If you are someone or know someone who needs Housing or a place to stay and food, please call this number. (209)534-9415 this will connect you to MY ANGEL HOMES ROOM AND BOARD IN MODESTO CALIFORNIA, they are like a Senior Assisted living place in Modesto - Housing Solution Center - My Angel Homes - Room and Board in Modesto Ca. ... My Angel Homes, has a program to help some people with roof and food, even if they have no money to move in... They have a room and board program for all types of people in need of help.. If you have no money at the moment when you need to move in, they may help you.. and give you time to get some money to help support the program... to go to the web site and find out more information please click this link now. ==> My Angel Homes Room And Board in Modesto Ca. USA.

Or call 209- 534 -9415 if no answer please leave a message with details where you can be found if you have no contact number, and try calling later.



Help for Seniors - Senior Assisted living Modesto Housing Center -

Always look for help when you feel life is not good no more or if you feel real bad and have no solutions, please talk to any police officer and ask for help, they may give you a ride to a shelter.

No matter how good you are but if you ever are in a desperate situation, and you think that life is not good any more for you, please contact My Angel Homes, they may be able to help you... My Angel Homes Room And Board in Modesto Ca. USA. The staff from My Angel Homes treat people with respect and respond quick to help people. They will help you move in and get you situated until you get back on your feet again. The purpose of this program is to help homeless people or room and board people with needs, to be able to do everything independently and have a happy life. If this is a emergency please call 911.

Everybody have times when is hard to believe what is going on in life, life is precious and please never forger that is priceless, we all have the same opportunity to achieve things, if you are in a bad situation now, this just means that you need some help now.


Are you looking for the real friend and a real place to call home?

Never give up, keep looking for what you want, until you will find it... We are here to help!!

We have so many people in our program, a simple program of room and board, based on freedom and respect, this program is run by a very solid couple, they provide one of the best room and board programs here in California.. they are locate in Modesto California, and you can find out more about them one this site. Please if you are in need of help or want to find out how to help people in need please feel free to contact them asap.

My Angel Homes room and board, is serving people in or around Modesto California, Turlock California and Stockton California. If you are in a different location, you would need to move in to this areas for getting in to the program, please call first before you do anything, here is the number. My Angel Homes 209- 534-9415 Phone. <=== Best Room and Board program in California... (Click the link now)


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